Update your Faculty Website/Office Hours

To update your official departmental web pages (and enter office hours):

  1. Log in by clicking the Log In link in the upper right hand corner of this (or any) page
  2. Navigate to your profile page by doing the following:
    • hover over the People option in the navigation bar
    • selecting Faculty
    • if you are an active faculty member, find and click your name on the resulting page
    • if you are an emeritus faculty member, click Emeritus in the box on the left and side of the resulting page, then find and click your name
  3. Since you are logged in, you should see an Edit button at the top of your profile page, which you can click to access and change your information
  4. Make your desired changes
    • NOTE: The following fields are only editable by administrative users for data security and continuity purposes, if you need any of these fields changed, please contact support@ce.berkeley.edu:
      • Name (first, middle, last, suffix)
      • Programs
      • Titles
  5. Click "Save" at the bottom

Please see the web page editing guide for more information.