The CEE Computing group has implemented a Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal that will allow department personnel to easily edit web pages on the department website.

Editing Web Pages

  • Click on the Log In link at the top of this (or any) page
  • You should be redirected to the familiar blue CalNet login page
  • Enter your credentials and click Sign In, after which you should be returned to the page you were previously on
  • Navigate to the web page you would like to edit.
  • Click on Edit at the top of the page. If there is no Edit link, you do not have permission to edit the page.
  • Update the page content
  • Click Save at the bottom of the Edit page to save your changes or click “Preview” to see a preview of your edits. To cancel your edits, simply click the back button in your browser.

Adding Links

  • In the page Body, select the text that you would like to turn into a link
  • Click the Link icon (a globe with chain links in front of it) in the editor toolbar
  • In the popup window, enter the URL of the linked page in the “URL” field and click OK

Adding Images

  • Place the cursor in the body text where you would like the image to appear
  • Click the Image icon (a grey bordered rectangle with the silhouette of mountains and a moon) in the editor toolbar
  • In the popup window, click Open File Browser and a new window will pop up.
  • To browse previously uploaded images, click file names in the list of files.
  • To upload a new image, click the Upload option at the top, then Add File in the green box that appears to select an image file on your computer. When you have selected an image, click the Select option from the top of the window.

Uploading Files (PDF, Word, Excel)

  • In the text entry box, enter the text you would like to link to your file (for example "CV.pdf")
  • Highlight the link text with your cursor
  • Click the link button in the text editor toolbar (a globe with chain links)
  • Click the blue Open File Browser option in the Link window
  • Select your destination directory for the file and click Upload in the File Browser window that appears
  • Upload the file, then click the Select option at the top of the File Browser window
  • Click OK in the Link window

Style Guide

Use these guidelines when editing pages:

  • Use “Heading 2” for headings and “Heading 3” for subheadings.
  • Use bold and italics sparingly.
  • Recommended image sizes:
    Headshot — 90 x 130 pixels
    Full page image — 550 x 350 pixels
    Three images in a row — 250 x 188 pixels each
  • Look at as a template for formatting content.

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