Computer Lab Software

The following software is available in the computer labs in 345 Davis Hall, 541 Davis Hall, and CE VM lab in the fall semester of 2021.   

Please note that freeware, shareware, and software with free student license won't be offered in the computer labs this semester.

Software Name Version
Adobe Acrobat Professional DC
CPT (CpeT-iT, CLiq) 3
CSI Etabs 2018
CSI Safe 2016
CSI SAP2000 22
GeoMotion 2010
GeoStudio 2021
Irfanview 4.40
Matlab r2020a
Microsoft Office 2019
Microsoft Project 2019
Microsoft Windows Defender  
Microsoft Visio 2019
Rocsience 2020
Stroboscope 3.93
Xtract 3.1.4