Joan Walker & Susan Shaheen featured in "Shifting Gears"—about fast-paced advancements, and disruptions, in travel

Featured Faculty: Joan Walker, Susan Shaheen

Professor Joan Walker and Adjunct Professor Susan Shaheen were featured in the Berkeley News Center article Shifting Gears, all about the integration of self-driving vehicles and the nuanced policy decisions that need to be made ... now.

Fast-paced advances and investments are part of a revolution. With roughly 30 companies now developing fully automated vehicles, the convergence of vehicle automation and sharing is creating the biggest disruption to mobility since gas-powered vehicles hit the road. The gee-whiz technology gets a lot of attention, but the real thing to watch, experts says, is us, the traveling public.

See Shifting Gears (Berkeley News Center, 5/1/19)

Published 06/11/2019