Alexandre Bayen Co-edited Book on Transportation Impacts and Recovery Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alexandre Bayen, Liao-Cho Innovation Endowed Chair and Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies Berkeley, co-edited a book that compiles reports of original empirical studies exploring the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on urban mobility and transportation and consequent policy responses. Susan Shaheen, professor of energy, civil infrastructure, climate, and transportation engineering, co-authored a scenario planning chapter in the book focused on public transit and shared mobility strategies following the COVID-19 pandemic impacts. Cesunica Ivey, assistant professor of environmental engineering, also has a chapter in the book.

The book focuses on the California region and draws on local experience to inform general takeaways in other metropolitan areas. The book looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted vulnerable populations differently in cities.

The publication explores the pandemic's impacts on the transportation industry, particularly public transit, and other sectors and economic areas relying on transportation, such as freight trucking, retail and food industries, and the gig economy. With quantitative data supported by graphs, transportation professionals, policymakers, and students can use this book to learn about potential strategies to institute positive urban transport changes in the post-pandemic period. The book is expected to publish on August 21st.