Faculty and Research

Students interested in research and conducting an independent study (CIVENG 299) should reach out and make arrangements with an individual faculty member. View our personal webpages for more specifics regarding ongoing research and teaching.

The Construction Systems curriculum is taught by these UC Berkeley Senate Faculty:

and by UC Berkeley Lecturers:

Research project examples:

  • Digital twin modeling of UC Berkeley Campus Infrastructure
  • Construction process sensing using distributed fiber optic sensors, wireless sensor network, and computer vision.
  • Multi-scale modeling and simulations of infrastructure networks- design, construction and maintenance.
  • Data-driven production planning and control using work density for on-site building construction
  • Distributed planning and coordination to support lean construction
  • Process-based cost modeling to support target value design
  • Product-process development simulation to support specialty contractor involvement in design
  • Exploring decision-making methods for sustainable design in commercial buildings
  • Automation and resilience in construction site surveillance (ARCS2)
  • Bridge rapid assessment center for extreme events (BRACE2)






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