FAQ: Prospective Junior Transfer

Special Announcement For Students Admitted for Fall 2021

Due to COVID 19, UC Berkeley will not host its annual CalDay Open House Event.  

We invite Students of the Class of 2025, to join us in several panel discussions and to study our undergraduate webpages.



  • Monday, April 26, 2021 4:00-4:45 pm PST  CEE Faulty Panel  [Zoom Link]    

An introduction to CEE, to include several faculty members who will give a brief overview of their research and glimpse into academics in our department.  They will also entertain your questions.


  • Monday, April 26, 2021 7:00-7:45 pm PST  CEE Overview with the Advisers  [Zoom Link]

For a curriculum overview, join a meeting with advisors Julia Konopasek and Catherine Bouvier Dang.  Julia & Catherine will review the courses necessary to earn your degree, show you where to find curriculum information and answer your questions.


  • Wednesday, April 28, 2021 7:00-7:45 PST CEE Overview with the AdvisersJr Transfer Edition  [Zoom Link]

For a curriculum overview specifically geared for Jr Transfer Students,  join a meeting with advisors Julia Konopasek and Catherine Bouvier Dang.  Julia & Catherine will review the courses necessary to earn your degree, show you where to find curriculum information and answer your questions.


  • Wednesday, April 28, 2021 8:00-8:45 PST  CEE Undergraduate Panel  [Zoom Link]

Talk to current students about life as a CEE!  Get the inside scoop.


See these resources that we discussed in the JR Transfer Zoom Meeting.


See the FAQ page.


Get an overview of CEE via the Major Map.



When is the application deadline?

Applicants must complete the UC admissions application by November 30 for admission for the following Fall semester. UC Berkeley does not accept transfer applications for the spring semester. Contact Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

What is the criteria for evaluating my application?

The success of your application will depend on the strength of the applicant pool of that year. Successful junior college transfer students generally have an overall GPA of 3.5 or better, and are as well prepared as they can be to undertake upper division course work in CEE.

Your application is evaluated primarily on:

  • The completeness of the your preparation at the level considered
  • Grades earned through the last semester completed
  • Grades in particular courses, especially core math and science classes
  • The total units accumulated including work currently in progress
  • Total number of semesters you will need to graduate
  • An evaluation of your personal statement


What courses should I complete in order to be a good candidate?

You should follow the lower division program for your major. A high percentage rate for completion of the lower division requirements betters your chances of being accepted. Some lower division requirements are not available at other colleges, so you are not expected to have completed these. However, having completed all of the courses that are required in the lower division and that are available at your school is very important for your success in being admitted.

Lower division courses that you should have completed at a minimum would satisfy these UC Berkeley requirements:

  • Math 1A, 1B, 53, 54
  • Chemistry 1A or 4A
  • Physics 7A, 7B
  • Biology 1B
  • Engineering Science Elective (Physics 7C or Chem 1B or Chem 4B)
  • Engineering 7
  • English 1A & 1B


What kinds of information should I include in my personal statement?

  • How did you get interested in engineering?
  • Why are you interested in civil and environmental engineering?
  • What excites you about Berkeley CEE?
  • What experiences influenced your decision? (Job experiences, discussions with faculty, professional engineers or engineering students, related projects, courses, etc.)
  • What other experiences, such as co-curricular activities, have you had that you can relate to engineering? You should also include activities that may not relate to engineering. What skills did you learn from these activities that will help you in engineering?
  • What are your goals or aspirations? What do you want to do after you graduate?


How are courses in progress treated?

Courses in progress, as listed on the submitted "Application for Transfer to the College of Engineering" are considered completed in the calculation of the lower division completion rate. However, any change to your study list needs to be reported to Engineering Student Services immediately, as it may affect your transfer status. Final acceptance will require satisfactory completion of the term in progress.

Courses in progress through spring are considered completed in the completion rate. Summer work prior to fall enrollment is not considered in the admissions process.


How can I determine which courses at my college will satisfy UC Berkeley requirements?

The University has an ongoing program through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions that formally establishes course equivalencies in "articulation agreements," primarily with California community colleges.

Your college counselors should have information on these equivalency agreements. In cases where formal equivalencies are not already established, your college counselors will use catalog descriptions to help you determine which courses most closely cover the required subject.

ASSIST shows how course credits might be applied when transferring from one institution to another.


Do I really have to graduate in 4 semesters?

While graduating in 4 semesters is encouraged, many of our junior transfer students find it necessary to petition for a fifth semester at UC Berkeley because they are unable to complete all of their engineering lower division requirements at their junior college. Transfer students who have taken a full-load (at least 12 units) of course work but find that they are unable to graduate at the end of 4 semesters may petition for approval for an additional semester to complete their degree.


What courses will I be taking to complete my degree?

See sample four semester course plan for transfer students.


If I am unable to attend the semester for which I am admitted, will Berkeley defer my admission to a later term?

No. Admission is valid only for the term in which you are admitted. If you wish to attend Berkeley in a future term, you must reapply without an admission guarantee. You will compete with all applicants who apply for the same term.


Where can I get more information on transfer admissions?

Contact your college advisers or your college transfer center for information on transfer preparation, careers, course selection and equivalencies, and UC applications.


What resources are available to transfer students?

See Transfer Student Center